Date Title Description
2024-01-18 Staking 48% Increase percent for staking from 8% up to 48% per year. Updates every second.
2024-01-17 10 levels of a referrals We have implemented a 10-level referral system. Each level currently brings 1% per annum from your referral’s deposit. Updates daily. Perhaps in future the accrued interest will change.
2024-01-15 Update Dash Core Update Dash Core Node to version 20.0.4
2023-11-11 Newsline setup News line is restored and set up
2023-06-19 Referral fee 1% added Referral fee 1% per year is added. Updates daily.
2023-06-04 8% staking for all coins added 8% staking per year for all coins is added. Updates every second.
2023-04-10 Telegram channel for vouchers created We place all vouchers info at channel You can see all activated vouchers here - You can create voucher in your profile -
2023-04-01 Acceptance of funds by Qiwi completed Integrations with Qiwi payment system is completed
2023-03-06 Voucher system completed We finished vouchers system. Users can activate and create vouchers. Users who activated your voucher will stay your referral.
2023-01-01 Telegram channel created Telegram channel is created
2022-09-15 The Merge of Ethereum The upgrade from the original proof-of-work mechanism to proof-of-stake was called The Merge. The Merge reduced Ethereum's energy consumption by ~99.95%.
2022-07-12 First user registration First user registration!
2022-01-17 Add BCH node Accept and withdraw Bitcoin Cash
2021-11-15 Add DASH node Accept and withdraw DASH
2021-11-12 Add DOGE node Accept and withdraw Dogecoin
2021-11-05 Add ETH node Accept and withdraw Ethereum
2021-10-27 Add LTC node Accept and withdraw Litecoin
2021-10-17 Add BTC node Accept and withdraw Bitcoin
2021-08-31 The platform has started! First publishing of services